Telephone Management Systems (TMS)

Although telephones are intended to provide people with a convenient means of communication, both callers and staff often get lost in the morass of calls. For example, callers get busy signals, calls go unanswered during normal business hours, callers sit on hold for long periods of time, receptionists sound hurried and callers don’t get their questions properly resolved. The result? Frustration for everyone involved. Bottom Line, You need to control your Telephony overheads…


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MAN 3000

TNG-Web-Based-TMS eCost-TMS-SSD9000-SSD9001-150x109 MAN-3000-Micro-150x126The Man3000 Telephone Information Software provides a complete solution to the problem of controlling your Telephone Overheads. With more than 100 000 Systems in the field, and in 19 different countries, the Man3000 systems is your first choice for Telephone Information Software.


  • NO Dedicated PC Required
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • User Friendly
  • Works on any PABX
  • USB; Serial or LAN Connection to PC
  • Instant Reporting
  • Instant Downloads
  • Bill back Clients for calls made on their behalf (CLI)
  • Verification of the Telephone Account
  • Control the costs for Individual Extension / Departments / Account / Pin Codes
  • Control the time spent on Telephone Calls (High-Lighted Calls)
  • Improve your company services
  • Motivating Sales / Telesales Staff
  • Monitor Phone systems performance
  • Regular Software Updates (Cost Tables; Features..)
  • 20000 Extension Numbers / Account Codes / Client Names or Numbers