UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

If there is one thing that can be guaranteed it is that no electricity supply will be stable at all times. With today’s business operation being dependent on computers, and other electronic equipment, steady power is essential, and ultimately the user is responsible for this. There are many different problems that can be experienced and many different types of protection available on the market. Du Pont Telecom understand and provide personal attention to all your power needs.

UPSs can be divided into various different types’ i.e. off-line units, line interactive units and on-line units. There is a considerable difference in the way that these units work and the different types should not be confused. An on-line unit is considered to be the best protection that money can buy.

Selecting Power Protection Equipment

There are various types of power protection equipment ranging from fairly simplistic surge protection plugs to state of the art on-line UPSs. Buying power protection is similar to investing in an insurance policy and before the right type of unit can be selected there must be a good understanding of the problems at hand and how the various levels of protection work.

Sizing Power Protection Equipment

In order for the power protection equipment to work effectively then it must be sized according to the load it must carry. Power protection is normally sized in Volt/Amps but can be rated in watts or amps. Most types of equipment will have a power rating on the back of each unit this will be given in either Watts or amps, to convert to VA the following formulas can be used.

Volts (V) x Amps (A) = Watts

W / Power Factor (Pf) = Volt/Amps (VA).

Chit Chat Telecoms is in a position to advise and supply a wide range of UPS systems for all requirements.